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The main event of the bandy sports

Published 2018-01-05 14:15 | Author admin
      The World championship in Bandy World Championships is hosted by the international federation of Bandy. In 1955, under the initiative of countries such as Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Soviet union, the international federation of Bangui was established and a unified competition rule was constituted. In 1957, the first world bandy championship was held. It has been held every two years since 1961. Bandy was listed in 1952 will perform the project for the winter Olympics. .
      Although the bandy ball movement originated in the 19th century, the world bandy championships in multiple countries began in 1957 (men), and the women's world bandy championships began in 2004.
      For a long time, there were only four countries in the world bandy championship: the Soviet union, Sweden, Finland and Norway. In 1985, the United States began to join. Today, the sport has spread to Europe, North America and most of Asia. The world bandy championships was held every two years from 1961 to 2003 and has been held annually since 2004.
      The Bandy World Cup was held in Stockholm, Sweden, and the tournament was held every year. The teams is a professional club,not a national team. The game is different from the world bandy championships. Bandy World Cup has been held since 1974, but the tournament's name has been changed by different sponsors.